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We Love Our Clients and What We Do

Currently, we offer pick up and drop off for daycare and boarding in the Greater Portland Area.

We offer doggie daycare and boarding care for pups 20 pounds or less.  And cat visits too! 

All services include “peace of mind”.  You finally have an opportunity to travel.  Enjoy your trip to the fullest knowing that your 4-legged family is in a safe, loving, fun environment.  Your trip will be filled with new memories, not spent worrying about your pet.  Priceless.

Doggie Daycare 9am - 3pm

$35 per day

We walk at a variety of Portland parks, or throughout our neighborhood and spend as much time outside as possible.

Meet & Sniff is a must prior to service

Enrollment is a 2-day minimum per week 
Monday through Friday, preferred
Please book at least one week prior

Doggie Boarding

Starting at $75 per day

We care for you pup in our home, and establish a daily routine that includes a walk, focused care and a fun play day.  Limited availability.  Only two client doggies at any one time.   Your "peace of mind" is priceless.

Meet & Sniff is a must prior to service

Care provided 24/7 (overnight in our home)

Bookings preferred one week prior

Cat Home Visits

$25 per visit

Loving attention in addition to a clean litter box

Food (and meds if necessary) along with some fun playtime.

Meet & Sniff is a must prior to service

Care provided at the kitty's location

Bookings preferred one week prior

Additional Services

Fee-based upon service. Please ask.


Dental hygiene.  Injections/Sub-Q fluids

Errand run for food, litter, medication, etc.
Lock-out service

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